A nerdfighter is someone who fights to stop world suck and usually watches the vlogbrothers videos on youtube by: John and Hank Green. A nerdfighter is described as someone who "instead of being made of bones, tissues, and organs, is made entirely of awesome." The central goal of most nerdfighters is to decrease WorldSuck and increase awesome through various activities, such as charity work.


The word nerdfighter originated in the February 1, 2007 Brotherhood 2.0 video, made by John, in a Savannah, Georgia airport. After seeing an Aero Fighters arcade game, John believed it read "nerdfighters" and remarked "That's my favorite kind of fighters."

Becoming a NerdfighterEdit

All that is neccesary to become a nerdfighter is to have the desire to become one, preferably along with the desires to decrease worldsuck and increase awesome.

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