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Cover art for This Machine Pwns N00bs

This Machine Pwns N00bs
is Hank Green's second album. It was released in November 2009 on the DFTBA record label. It was preceded by So Jokes.

Track ListingEdit

1. DFTBA - 4:11
2. This Isn't Hogwarts - 3:14
3. A Song About An Anglerfish - 1:48
4. I Know - 1:27
5. Mules are so Half Ass - 1:35
6. Scuzzy Kizoozle Curl - 2:23
7. Protons and Neutrons - 4:02
8. Dead Boy's Girlfriend - 3:38
9. Demolition Derby - 2:09
10. The Fathers of the Founding Fathers - 2:02
11. Ulcerative Colitis - 2:29
12. I'm Not Edward Cullen - 2:57
13. Crime Dramas Suck - 2:09
14. Jesus Gets Nothing for Christmas - 2:45
15. The Vegetables - 1:55
16. Nerdfighteria Island - 2:45
17. I Guess it all Makes Sense at the End - 3:34


In a video prior to the release of This Machine Pwns N00bs, Hank held up his guitar and declared that it was his "pwner." A random YouTube commenter left a comment on the video reading "This machine pwns n00bs," referencing famous photo of Woodie Guthrie holding up a guitar reading "This machine kills fascists," which John Green has referenced a few times in his videos and in his book Paper Towns. Hank wrote the phrase on his guitar by the next video and shortly afterwards decided to call his album that.

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